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Outlook Mail Integration

Integrate with Outlook Mail and directly log email correspondences and link them to your engagements for a complete and coherent overview.

New Reporting Filters

We’ve delved deep into recent trends and client requirements to bring you an array of new reporting filters.

Companies Watchlist

You can now add entities to the watchlist to keep track of those that require attention or have been red-flagged!

Issue Outcomes

We have added functionality allowing you to seamlessly add and report Issue Outcomes while closing an Issue for improved tracking and resolution. You can also reopen an issue now if you need to make any edits.

AGM dates

We have added functionality to view the upcoming entity Annual General Meeting (AGM) dates directly on the dashboard.

News API

Use the News API feature to seamlessly access recent ESG news of your portfolio companies.

Shared Collaboration

Add collaborators extending beyond your organisation to log collaborative engagements and make decisions through collective intelligence.

Controversy Tracker

Track controversies identified against a portfolio company to take timely action and mitigate risks.

SFDR PAI Indicators

Link your engagements to mandatory or additional PAI indicators, and establish related objectives for progress monitoring.

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