Decoding Effective Stewardship, Recommendations for Impactful & Data driven Stewardship

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Shared Collaboration

Add collaborators extending beyond your organisation to log collaborative engagements and make decisions through collective intelligence.

Controversy Tracker

Track controversies identified against a portfolio company to take timely action and mitigate risks.

SFDR PAI Indicators

Link your engagements to mandatory or additional PAI indicators, and establish related objectives for progress monitoring.

Voting Module

Centralise your engagements and voting data in one place and report with confidence on your investment-decisons.

Reporting 2.0

Experience enhanced visual reports and export options in compliance with evolving regulations like SFDR, GRI, UK Stewardship Code, and more.

Outlook Integration

Visualise all your portfolio engagements and appointments at one place, which means you’ll never have to worry about being double-booked.

Engagement Insights

Export engagement details in CSV or XLSX by Objective, Start date, ESG, or other filters, customisable as per your needs.

Timeline for Engagements

Review historical engagements or meetings scheduled by both yourself or team members, and conveniently edit as required for improved record-keeping and collaboration.

Portfolio Categorisation

Categorise the portfolio fields based on your requirements, from a range of options to personalise such as geographical region, country, sector, and type of organisation.

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