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Frequently Asked Questions

The Engagement Tracker records data against three key pillars: issues, interactions, and votes. Interactions and votes can be nested within issues that you, as an investor, raise with entities.

An issue is something that you, as an investor, have identified and raised with an entity. Issues can be thematic– for example, if you want to ensure all entities report against the TCFD– or reactionary, such as noting a supply chain issue with an entity in a press article.

An interaction is simply a line of communication between you, the investor, and the investee. Issues are points of concern that you have or want to raise between you and the investee. Once an issue has been raised, you can expect subsequent interactions– such as a letter to the board, or a phone call with the Chief Sustainability Officer. As such, interactions can be nested with issues.

We use data imputed by the user to generate insights and reports. All environmental, social, governance inputs are aligned to the Global Reporting Initiative Standards, and are subsequently mapped to their corresponding UN Sustainable Development Goal as part of our reports.

Your data will always be your own. Those on an Enterprise plan will benefit from an added layer of security, with their own dedicated server.

The Engagement Tracker is for every type of investment manager, be it an ESG reporting specialist or an investment analyst. With a Pro or Enterprise plan, you can add as many users to your organisational account as you want. On the free plan, you are capped at three users. 

The current version of ET uses data input by the user to generate insights and reports. We are in the process of enabling integrations with major sustainability data providers to facilitate more detailed reports on regulatories such as  SFDR.

Pricing depends on your organisational needs. Get in touch with our team of experts to identify how the Engagement Tracker could work for you and get a personalised quote.

Engagement Tracker enables asset managers to track their engagements in a more structured way (as all team members can use the same template for capturing engagement day), and then report on their engagements more efficiently. There is growing pressure from a range of regulators to demonstrate compliance with responsible financial stewardship standards. Just as Sales CRM and HR platforms, Engagement Tracker allows AM teams to easily visualise, monitor and report on the ESG engagements with companies in their portfolio.

Yes, once you onboard our team can help you standardise and upload your historic data to the platform to generate insights and reports.

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