Decoding Effective Stewardship, Recommendations for Impactful & Data driven Stewardship

Calculate Cost Savings and
Maximise Efficiency

Efficiently managing stewardship activities is important in active asset ownership and investment decision-making.

At Maanch, we’ve developed a user friendly Stewardship Tools Cost-Benefit Calculator which offers a clear perspective on the pros, cons, and costs of using excel sheets, building solutions in-house, or opting for specialised software like the Maanch Engagement Tracker.

Why Use Our Stewardship Tools Cost-Benefit Calculator?

Quantify Savings

See cost reductions and efficiency gains over a period of 3-years.

Data-Driven Decisions

Get impartial, customised report for informed choices.

Facilitate Discussions

Download and share personalised report with your team and other stakeholders.

Ready to Discover Your Potential Savings?

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